Information from DCPS and Florida PTA

Recently, DCPS held community meetings in each school district to discuss the replacement, upgrades and closures of schools across the district.  Consultants working with DCPS have developed initial, preliminary scenarios for each school that, if funded and approved, would be implemented over the course of approximately 10 years.  The changes to schools are only in the initial conversation stage and the proposed scenarios for each school may change.

Highlights of the district-level scenarios include:

  • Construction of 30 new schools as either replacements on-site or on new sites.
  • 17 consolidations impacting 42 schools with children from those schools attending new or renovated school buildings. (Any buildings no longer in use as a result of the consolidations would be demolished and the land sold to prevent former schools from becoming future blight.)
  • Security upgrades at all schools and removal of the majority of portables from schools across the district.
  • Cutting more than 5,000 student seats from the district’s inventory and improving the district’s facility utilization rate

The scenario for Hendricks Avenue Elementary includes the creation of 10 additional classrooms, removal of all portables and security upgrades.  You may review the scenarios for each school and district by clicking on the following link:

If you would like to share feedback, comments or recommendations on changes to DCPS schools, you may complete a brief survey located by clicking on the above link (the survey is located underneath the Introduction from Dr. Greene video).  The survey deadline is April 2.

Additionally, the Florida PTA would like all PTA members to complete a brief survey regarding Senate Bill 7030 (School Safety and Security) that would permit full-time teachers in public schools to carry guns and participate in the Guardian Program as security personnel.  You may access and complete the survey through the following link:;jsessionid=9B5AB05FA4409F53FDC8C0BBACCE6553

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