August Time Event
7-Tues 12:00 pm PTA Back to School Teacher Luncheon
8-Wed 10:00 am PTA Packet Stuffing, Cafeteria
10-Fri 10-11: 00 am 4th-5th Grade Meet & Greet
11a-12:00pm 1st-3rd Grade Meet & Greet
12:30-1:30pm Kindergarten Meet & Greet
13-Mon 8:30am First Day of School
8:30 am PTA Kindergarten BooHoo Yahoo Breakfast
21-Tues 9:00 am PTA Board Meeting
24-Fri Fall Individual Pictures All Grade Levels
29-Wed 1:40 pm Early Dismissal
31-Fri 8:30 am PTA General Meeting #1
8:40 am Flag Raising
3-Mon No School/Labor Day
4-Tues 9:00 am PTA Homeroom Representative Meeting
6-Thurs 6:30 pm K-2nd Grade Open House
7-Fri 7:30-8: 15 am PTA Donuts with Dads–Kindergarten
8:45 am PTA Fall Fundraiser Kick-Off–K-2nd Grade
9:30 am 3rd-5th Grade Kick-Off
10-Mon 6:00 pm School Advisory Council (SAC) Mtg.
11-Tues 9:00 am PTA Board Meeting
6:00 pm FOH Board Meeting
12-Wed 1:40 pm Early Dismissal
13-Thurs 6:30 pm 3rd-5th Grade Open House
17-Mon thru 18-Tues TBA PTA Vision Screening
21-Fri 7:30-8: 15 am PTA Donuts with Dad–1st Grade
25-Tues 6:00 pm PTA Family Fitness Night
26-Wed 1:40 pm Early Dismissal
27-Thurs TBA FOH Spirit Night at Sweet Frog
28-Fri  PTA Fall Fundraiser Ends
8:40 am Flag Raising
2:00 pm FOH Hugs from Henry Birthday Party
1-Mon 6:00p SAC Meeting
2-Tues 9:00a PTA Board Meeting
10-Wed 8:30a Walk to School Day
11-Thurs Fall Picture Retakes
12-Fri 7:30-8:15a PTA Donuts with Dads–2nd Grade
17-Wed Fall Fundraiser Incentive Party
1:40p Early Dismissal
18-Thurs PTA Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
19-Fri No School/Teacher Planning Day
23-Tues 6:00p FOH Board Meeting
24-Wed 1:45p PTA Fundraiser Silly String Party
26-Fri 8:40a Flag Raising/Announce Top PTA Fundraisers
PTA Fundraiser MVP Lunch
2:00p FOH Hugs from Henry Birthday Party
31-Wed 1:40p Early Dismissal
2-Fri 7:30-8:15a PTA Donuts with Dads–3rd Grade
5-Mon 6:00p SAC Meeting
TBA FOH Spirit Night at Tijuana Flats
6-Tues 9:00a PTA Board Meeting
10:00a PTA General Meeting #2
8-Thurs 8:40a Flag Raising/Veteran’s Program
Veteran’s Breakfast
9-Fri No School/Weather Day
12-Mon No School/Veteran’s Day
13-Tues thru
PTA Cultural Arts Week
14-Wed 1:40p Early Dismissal
15-Thurs 9:30a School Tour
21-Wed thru
No School/Thanksgiving Holiday
28-Wed 1:40p Early Dismissal
30-Fri 2:00p FOH Hugs from Henry Birthday Party
3-Mon 6:00p SAC Meeting
6-Thurs 9:30a School Tour
6-Thurs/7-Fri TBA PTA Holiday Brunch
12-Wed 1:40p Early Dismissal
13-Thurs 6:30p 5th Grade Chorus Play
14-Fri 2:00p FOH Hugs from Henry Birthday Party
20-Thurs 9:00a Class Parties
21-Fri All Day Readathon/Pajama Day
24-Mon thru
Fri-Jan 4
No School/Winter Holiday
1-Tues thru
No School/Winter Holiday
7-Mon No School/Teacher Planning
8-Tues 8:30a Return to School
9-Wed 1:40p Early Dismissal
10-Thurs 9:30a School Tour
11-Fri Teacher/Staff Appreciation Lunch
14-Mon 6:00p SAC Meeting
15-Tues 9:00a PTA Board Meeting
17-Thurs TBA FOH Spirit Night at Panera
18-Fri 7:30-8:15a  PTA Donuts with Dads–4th Grade
21-Mon No School/MLK Day
22-Tues 8:45a PTA Hearing Screening
6:00p FOH Board Meeting
23-Wed 1:40p Early Dismissal
24-Thurs 9:30a School Tour
25-Fri 7:30-8:15a  PTA Donuts with Dads–5th Grade
2:00p FOH Hugs from Henry Birthday Party
28-Mon thru
Fri-Feb 1
Scholastic Book Fair
31-Thurs 6:00p PTA Reading with the Stars
1-Fri 8:40a FOH Walkathon Kick Off Flag Raising
4-Mon 6:00p SAC Meeting
6-Wed 1:40p Early Dismissal
7-Thurs 9:30a School Tour
13-Wed 10:30a PTA Board Meeting, Auditorium
11:30a PTA Founder’s Day Lunch, Auditorium
15-Fri No School/Weather Day
18-Mon No School/Presidents’ Day
20-Wed 1:40p Early Dismissal
22-Fri 1:30p FOH Walkathon Pep Rally (3rd-5th grades)
23- Sat 10:30a FOH Walkathon
28-Thurs 2:00p FOH Hugs from Henry Birthday Party
4-Mon 6:00p SAC Meeting
5-Tues 9:00a PTA Board Meeting
6:00p PTA General Meeting #3 &
PTA Family Fine Arts Night
6-Wed 1:40p Early Dismissal
7-Thurs Spring Individual Pictures All Grade Levels
9:30a School Tour
8-Fri 8:40a  FOH Walkathon Celebration Flag Raising
11-Mon thru
No School/Spring Break
18-Mon Return to School
19-Tues 2:00p FOH Walkathon Cupcake Party
20-Wed 3:10p FOH Walkathon Teacher Party Palooza
2:00p FOH Walkathon Movie Party
21-Thurs PTA Teacher Appreciation Lunch
22-Fri No School/Teacher Planning Day
26-Tues 6:00p FOH Board Meeting
29-Fri 2:00p FOH Hugs from Henry Birthday Party
1-Mon 6:00p SAC Meeting
2-Tues 9:00a PTA Board Meeting
5-Fri Class Pictures All Grade Levels
16-Tues 6:00p FOH Board Meeting
19-Fri No School/Holiday Observance
22-Mon No School/Weather Day
24-Wed Administrative Professional/Secretaries Day
1:40p Early Dismissal
26-Fri 8:40a Flag Raising
2:00p FOH Hugs from Henry Birthday Party
3-Fri 7:30a  Volunteer Breakfast
5:30-8:30p PTA General Meeting #4 &
PTA Spring Carnival
6-Mon thru
Teacher  Appreciation Week
7-Tues PTA Teacher Appreciation Lunch
9-Thurs/10-Fri TBA PTA Board Installation Lunch
13-Mon 6:00p SAC Meeting
17-Fri 6:30p Talent Show
21-Tues 9:00a 1st Grade Awards
10:15a 3rd Grade Awards
22-Wed 9:00a 4th Grade Awards
10:45a 2nd Grade Awards
1:40p Early Dismissal
23-Thurs 6:30p Spring Play
TBA FOH Spirit Night, Marble Slab
24-Fri 9:00a Kindergarten Program
2:00p FOH Hugs from Henry Birthday Party
27-Mon No School/Memorial Day
28-Tues 5th Grade Kickball
29-Wed 9:30a 5th Grade Awards and Party
30-Thurs All Day K-4th Grade Class Parties
31-Fri 8:40a Flag Raising
12p Last Day Dismissal
3-Mon thru
No School/Weather Days